Our Product

Our Technology

We have developed and perfected our unique technology

that allows us to fabricate giant stainless steel tapestries. These tapestries are fabricated using high quality stainless steel cables and braided wires of different sizes. Wires are welded together in multi-layered panels using resistive welding technology adapted specifically for this purpose. The fabrication process is mostly automated using CNC equipment that we have designed combined with our custom software.

After completing the prestigious Eisenhower Memorial tapestry project, we are ready to offer our services to other clients. We are able to convert or develop any image into any size and any shape. The end result is a vivid and powerful architectural element. In addition to the aesthetic functions of these fully customizable images, the tapestry can play the function of screening, shading, bird protection, and space dividing, both indoor and outdoor. Due to its stainless steel construction, our tapestries are excellent for light projections at night. The tapestries are maintenance-free, projected to last over 150 years in outdoor installations.

In addition to tapestry fabrication we offer artistic, architectural and structural services related to tapestry projects. Our tapestries are fabricated in Los Angeles, CA and can be shipped for projects worldwide.

Our Process


Our Factory

Our factory is located in Los Angeles, CA. It is a 11,000 square foot site where we carry out all the fabrication involved in creating our tapestries. We have 18 CNC machines that are able to run in tandem, allowing us to fabricate large-scale projects quickly.


Process Samples

The process for creating a tapestry begins with the desired tapestry image. We then split this image into layers and render each layer into a wire pattern using our custom software. The layers are welded together with stainless steel wire using our CNC machine fabrication system to produce the final tapestry.


Potential Uses

Our mega tapestries can add a striking artistic touch to number of different architectural elements. Uses for our tapestries include:

Ballistic partitions
Parking screens
Building elevations
Highway screens
Shading canopies
Decorative walls



Mega Tapestry passed all safety testing done by government agencies.

1. Wind tunnel testing

2. Salt spray corrosion resting

3. Ultraviolet exposure testing
4. Performance tests

5. Wind blown debris test.

6. High speed projectile impact test.

Our Story