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Eisenhower National Memorial

One of the most important elements of the Eisenhower Memorial is a giant outdoor tapestry designed by Frank Gehry. The plan was for a massive 450'x60' transparent tapestry to frame the 4 acre memorial site, made using stainless steel wire. A project of this type and on this scale had never been attempted before and it was soon discovered that the technology required to produce such a tapestry did not exist. Frank Gehry approached Tomas Osinski, an architect with many years of experience fabricating difficult projects for Frank, to ask if the tapestry was possible to make. Tomas' attitude that anything can be done lead him to state: "Yes, I can do it." At the time, he had no idea how.

It took many years of research and testing to figure out how to fabricate the tapestry. The end result is a fabrication system that utilizes a unique combination of novel computer programming, innovative automated equipment, and proprietary fabrication technology. Exhaustive testing proved that the resulting product is extremely durable and will last for well over 150 years without any notable damage. We fabricated all 600 stainless steel panels for the Eisenhower Memorial tapestry at our factory in Los Angeles, CA. The tapestry now stands at the memorial site in Washington, D.C.

We strongly believe

that there are a wide variety of applications for these mega tapestries beyond the Eisenhower Memorial tapestry. The fabrication system is able to produce tapestries featuring images of any size. The sky is the limit: the bigger, the better. We are pleased to make our innovative fabrication system available to new clients.


Washington D.C., USA


February 12, 2020




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